PADDLE Trip – 2014

Due to my knee injury and surgery (in Sept Iles) in 2013, I am planning to return to the remote Notakwanon River (known locally by the Innu as Nutakuan – area of many porcupine ) in Labrador.

I plan to leave Guelph on Tuesday July 15 and get into the river on Friday July 18.  I will plan on being in Natuashish by July 20.  I will spend some time there and return on August 7.

Stay tuned for updates.

Well, here are the UPDATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am in Happy Valley Tim Horton’s using their WIFI and I brought my laptop!

Unfortunately, my ROGER’s phone is useless here!

I left Guelph Thursday evening July 10 and drove to just past Quebec City for Friday July 11.

Stayed at 2006 KIA Hotel  🙂

Left QC and drove to Baie Comeau.  Left BC about 3:30 PM Saturday July 12 and slept again at kilometre 480 on Route 389 Nord at the 2016 KIA travelling motel!

Made it to Labrador City/Wabush for 8am.  Had a couple of coffees and breakfast, then departed for Happy Valley-Goose Bay. Arrived at 4:30pm local time.  Had gained an hour in Labrador.

Drove around and went for a few groceries.

Got stopped by RCMP, said was a random stop 🙂  All was OK.

Slept at the 2006 KIA motel.  Raining.


Met with Trevor Yetman from Innu Mikun.  What a great guy and so were ladies in front office!

Gave everyone a PADDLE Bumper sticker and Fridge magnet.  Tom Randell (CEO) wasn’t there, but left him one.

Unloaded canoe, going to fly in tomorrow or Wednesday, dependent on weather.  Will come back later and final pack in cargo building.  Can’t thank Innu Mikun enough!

Spoke with Sebastian Piwas from Natuashish.  Hopefully, will meet him at airport Tuesday to speak.  He has been an inspiration to me.

Going to drive to Sheshatshiu, because have never been there.

Going to be on CBC Newfoundland and Labrador this afternoon about PADDLE!

Jay, the producer talked to me this morning and liked the “Search and Rescue part” from last year, but I am going back again stuff!!!

Said, “I think we have a show!”

Was interviewed by CBC, went well.

Will be aired Thursday morning on Labrador morning show then archived to the show.

cbc: Newfoundland and Labrador : Labrador Morning

Rain finally stopped.

Will not get in until Wednesday earliest.

Will do Final Packing tomorrow at Innu Mikum.

Glad to not get in right away, due to crappy weather but will also give the river to crest and recede. Visited Sheshatshiu and North West river today.  You always know when you are on the Rez!

The streets are no longer paved. Come on Feds this is beyond a joke!  It is consistent for so many Reserves.

And you wonder why the people living on these Reserves feel like second class people?


Went to Innu Mikum and did next to last packing.

Glad that’s done.  Just need to dress for trip and do final packing tomorrow

Not sure what time, especially because of the rain.

Met Sebastian Piwas and a pleasant surpise….Prote Poker at HV-GB Airport.

They are down for a “Bye-Election”.

I will be meeting with Sebastian tonight at their hotel.

Not enough room for a meeting in my hotel:)

Will try to do final update tomorrow morning before (if) leave.

Because the landing strip is so short on Nutakuan (Notakwanon) Lake, they will go to Natuashish first to drop cargo, then drop me in the lake, so they can take off with an empty plane.

Regardless when I get in, I will probably set up camp and just fish for Arctic Charr and Brook Charr.

Met (well actually I started talking) to RCMP here at Tim Horton’s. He is from Ontario and went to Police College with an ex-student of mine from CWDHS.

I even remembered her!  Hopefully, he will say hi for me.

She is OPP in Ontario.


 At Innu Mikun waiting for flight going in (10:00 ETD)

Going to Natuashish first to drop cargo then to drop me at Nutakuan Lake.  The landing strip is short, so need an empty plane for easier take off.

Expect to be out in about 10 days.

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Potential sponsors are always welcomed!!!



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